Image of Veiled Allurement Novella [Signed Paperback]

Veiled Allurement Novella [Signed Paperback]


What if Cinderella was, in fact, a goddess, thrown from the heavens by her wicked half-sisters? In this Cinderella retelling, you'll be swept away in a fantastical world and when the clock strikes midnight blood is shed. 

When Faye, the ruling goddess of Alindor, and Lady of Light, is cast from the heavens by her wicked sisters, Nymiane and Etain, she finds herself unable to tap into her powers. As if that wasn’t cruel enough, she quickly discovers that a mask has been sealed against her face, unable to be removed.

She is soon feeling panicked, but as luck would have it two good samaritans scoop her up and whisk her away to a house full of ladies. There, Faye is forced to lie about who she is and where she is from and finds herself easily making friends with her new housemates.

As things begin to settle into a new routine, no one anticipates Faye being abducted by King Zev of Melothra, or that he plans to use her as an instrument of chaos, courtesy of Nymiane, on the eve of his annual ball.

A war is about to break out and when the clock strikes midnight–who will survive?

This novella is perfect for fans of Aimee Carter's Goddess Test, Amber R. Duell's Fragile Chaos, and Marissa Meyer's Cinder.

Image of Hunter's Truce [Signed Paperback]
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